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“Juli is a fantastic communicator and completely reliable. She is one of those rare individuals who combines idealism, dedication, and skill.”

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“Juli Oliver is one step ahead of you, kind, on the ball and will change your life – or your closets’ – for the better.”

— Isabel Gillies, Actress and Author

“Juli Oliver is like the Mission Control Director for a NASA countdown launch of a completely organized life. She expertly achieves liftoff, delivering peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where absolutely everything is, at home and in the office.”

Dr. Debra Condren, bestselling author, AmbitionIsNotADirtyWord.com and Founding CEO Manhattan Business Consulting

“We have worked with Juli on many organizing projects over the years – the basement, attic, office, kids’ rooms, playroom, kitchen, etc.  She is a wonderful support throughout the process, keeping us on track and making it easy for us to make keep/toss choices and to decide where things should go, to be in line with how we live our lives in our home.  I actually schedule a couple days off from work each year just to work with Juli.  After a session with her, the space feels light and bright and centered.  I feel better after one of those days off than after a “real” one!  We couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

— Kathy and Marty, Teaneck, NJ

“Juli is an extraordinary talent.  She can spot in a second what needs to be done in your home, office or wherever you need organization.  She will help you pare down, lose the clutter and organize what’s left … in what seems to be an instant.  She is lovely to work with and makes you feel special (and calm) during a time when you might feel overwhelmed.  I am so glad I have her in my life!  She has helped me in so many ways and she always has a very positive attitude.”

— Bonnie Ott, NYC

“OrganizeNY was recommended to me by a colleague who had gone through a big move. At first I was hesitant to work with and spend money on a professional organizer. It turned out that Juli was worth every penny. In fact, knowing what I know now, I would have hired her at twice the cost.

My move was complicated by many wrinkles above and beyond the usual. When I was stressed and overwhelmed, Juli mobilized me to work along with her to get things done. Tasks that would have taken me ten hours alone, took a quarter of the time with Juli. As far as moves go (downsizing), she is a master purger and quickly turned me into one too, enabling me to let go of many many years of things I no longer wanted or needed. Her energy is relentless, and catching. She is possibly one of the most results oriented people I have known, a talented problem solver and motivator.

I could not have done this move without Juli’s support and considerable skills. I might still be standing in my old apartment, stunned like a deer in headlights if she had not been there to manage everything, including me, sometimes, by just giving me a series of tasks to do when I was feeling numb.
She unpacked 2/3 of my boxes in less time than it would take most people to unpack five boxes and immediately started designing new systems to make access and storage of my things much smoother.

I highly recommend Juli Oliver to anyone who needs to get a job done, under pressure, efficiently and without drama. And oh yes, she is a pleasure to work with.”

— Rachelle Pachtman, Pachtman Communications, NYC

“Since having Juli in my life, I not only live in a beautiful, clutter-free environment but I understand what contributed to the previous disorder and how to maintain my new organized home.

Juli has helped me to recognize patterns that lead to chaos and clutter and replace them with new, better habits that work for me. The addition of Juli to my life has contributed to a happier home, in which everything has a place and can be found.”

— Katherine H., Dumbo, Brooklyn

“Juli has been working with me for over seven years. She is an amazing and “magical” woman. I say magical because Juli can enter a room which is totally disorganized and within a half hour she can have this room looking spectacular with the necessary “garbage” waiting to be thrown away . In the next half hour Juli can help you go through a set of drawers that you have been meaning to look at for the last 5-10 years. In just moments she will help you realize why you haven’t opened that set of drawers and it’s very likely you will see that you do not need most of the items that you find. Before you know it- more garbage bags are standing by your door. Juli will help you go through clothing /books /papers/anything you wish to sort through with her. Juli will be happy to help you find long lost favorite items and help you discard and donate what is no longer needed. She has helped me organize my financial, business, and various personal documents and other papers. Juli has helped me to devise an appropriate filing system.

When Juli is helping me organize, she does not waste a moment.  She works quickly and efficiently.  I feel like I have received a gift when Juli leaves my house and things are “in order”.   I could go on and on about Juli  but I guess you already realize that I think this woman is awesome!”

— Alice Hartman, New York, NY

“We have known Juli Oliver for eleven years. She was strongly recommended by friends and has helped us keep our life in order in many ways. She initially helped us unpack our new apartment and organize it room by room. She not only put things away, but helped us keep them there in a way that made sense! She has tirelessly helped us to keep on top of things, move through piles of mail, and clean out storerooms and closets. Working with Juli has helped both my husband and me to become more organized ourselves in our personal and professional lives! Our entire household is always happy to see Juli!”

— Catherine and Doug D., New York, NY

“Juli Oliver did a wonderful job organizing our home. She has been to our house on two trips to Beijing, each time spending 5 full days assisting. She has helped us organize many rooms in our home including closets, pantries, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, family room, wardrobe, kitchen, and home office. She also helped organize our photo albums, which was an enormously time consuming project. She put 15 photos books together with minimal supervision, and worked efficiently, quietly and with ease. Juli is hard working, efficient and creative. She is a pleasure to have around. I cannot wait for her to return to Beijing. She is truly a gem!”

— Julie Kohn, Beijing, China and New York, NY

“Juli Oliver has done home organizing work for me twice now – once for a day and a half and once for 3 1/2 days. Both times has been some of the best money spent all year. The first time she came to Beijing she helped me sort through and reorganize the children’s playroom and go through all of my paperwork and filing which had not been looked at for two years. Juli is a very fast worker and incredibly efficient. When she organized and filed my paperwork I was not even home but when I returned everything was done perfectly. If you explain something once, Juli gets it and needs very little further direction. The most recent time she was in Beijing I had just found out that our family would be moving to Tokyo. Juli helped me cull thorough and get rid of at least 10 huge bags of garbage and another 10 or more of things to donate (clothes, toys, knick knacks, books). She went to Ikea for me and bought all sorts of shapes and sizes of bins for various things – shoes, toys, wrapping paper, gifts, photos, etc. The house feels so much cleaner, clearer and lighter now that she has been here. I would highly recommend Juli for any organizing work you need done. She is a very hard worker, intelligent, and a pleasure to have in the house.”

— Erin Keogh, Beijing, China

“Juli always shows up promptly and is a self starter. She has transformed our closets, cupboards and toys with labels and reordered our kitchen. She can work alone or with you as a team. She’s also willing to finish the job by dropping off clothes, toys or other items at a charity before heading home. She’s nice to have around and great with kids.”

— Brenda and Richard, New York, NY

“Juli is a breath of fresh air. She asks you or helps you figure out what your needs are and then methodically starts de-cluttering and rearranging your life for you.  And all in a cheerful and non-judgemental way.  She was with me for a day and a half and helped create a linen closet, totally rearranged my kitchen to make it more streamlined, and achieved the impossible which was to turn my “junk room” into an office.  She is fast and efficient.  The money I spent on her services was money extremely well spent.

I would recommend Juli wholeheartedly.”

— Vivian Nazari, Beijing, China

“I am an itinerant Speech Language Pathologist whose toys, books and various treatment materials were stored in the garage. I am also a working mom and wife with little time to spare. The cluttered mess grew so out of control that I was too embarrassed to open the garage door. Not only was it an eye sore, it was basically impossible for me to find most of the materials I needed to work. In April 2009 that all changed. Within hours, Juli creatively and efficiently transformed our garage. Everything was clearly labeled and stored according to subject and age. She graciously created a donation center for my various charity projects, and developed a place for my husband’s band equipment. I have been able to locate all of my therapy materials and distribute the boxes of toys, books, and clothing collected with ease. The system she created is first rate. I am able to prepare for my work week in minutes. My husband, who was very doubtful this would last, has been most impressed with the fact that I have been able to follow the system, and the garage remains organized and neat. This service has taken the stress out of preparing for my work week, and the fear out of opening the garage door. I am looking forward to having Juli come back to organize our home office!”

— Kendall Scott, Syracuse, NY

“Life can be so crazy. Five years ago I accepted a new job in Ohio and was expecting my third child. So what? Well, we lived in a 2 bedroom NYC high rise and had two storage units full of stuff, most of which hadn’t been touched in 5+ years AND we were moving it all into a house in suburban Ohio. A tall order.

I employed Juli to come help us move as part nanny and part organizer. She is amazing!! From day 1 she took control and got the rental car, GPS, opened the nasty lock on the rented condo and helped get us acquainted with our surroundings. But that was just the start. She spent hours helping with the kids in the pool (My kids LOVE her), getting meals and general household necessities prepped. Upon closing on the house, Juli began the work of integrating our NY household and storage into a comfortable, organized new Ohio household. Juli would disappear for hours organizing closets upstairs or the playroom downstairs. We had a very small window of time to get ready for the start of school and my return to work post-maternity leave. There is no way I could have done the cross-country move without her help. What a wonderful resourceful, hard working woman she is! There is absolutely no doubt that I would recommend her to anyone in need of help organizing, reorganizing or moving.”

— Beth Gray, Columbus, Ohio